Meet Nina

Where are you from?

I grew up on the V side of the DMV


What rituals keep you on track?

Shooting a minimum of 2 rolls a month, keeping my plants alive, exercise, and alone time with my headphones on.


What are you reading?

I’ve always got like five books in the mix depending on my mood. A few:  Becoming Mapuche, by Magnus Course, and Pocket Guide to Interpersonal Neurobiology, by Daniel J. Siegel

How do you get dressed for the day?

It’s always a mood thing. The one constant is that there always has to be jewelry. I feel naked without it.

Music on repeat?

Since moving to New York I’ve been listening to songs on repeat more than ever before. I won’t be satisfied with my answer to this question without providing this link to my “On Repeat” playlist on Spotify.

Any other recent discoveries that have made life more bearable or interesting?

I was given a copy of Bluets by Maggie Nelson a few months ago and it knocked my socks off. The soundtrack to The Gospel at Colonus my friend found in the dollar bin at the record store, and seaweed & tamari rice cakes.

You get two wishes. One for yourself, and one for the world. What would they be?

My wish for myself is to never shy away from a healthy challenge.

It’s hard to say just one wish for the world when a lot of what needs undoing is so complex and deep-rooted. I wish for climate health to be treated like the emergency it is so that future generations can enjoy and maintain a cleaner planet.


You are a photographer. Do you work in other media as well?

I do! I love it all. All art mediums access different parts of our brain and serve various important processes. Film photography makes me excited about the potential of composition that’s completed in an instant. I do a lot of ink washing, which is tedious and methodical, when you really want to get in that perfectionist zone. I love clay when I’m feeling more tactile.

Can you describe your artistic process?

With photography I just like to take my time so that I can see things clearly. Scanning and archiving my film at home always feels grounding.

With other media there’s usually been something in my mind or that I’ve written in my notes that I want to create. It’s usually at night, and there’s always music playing.


Describe your aesthetic in three words.   

Rose-colored reality